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    Strip Down Jboss 4.2.x version??

    Jason Yin Newbie

      Hi all

      Is there a way to deploy web application (including EJB support) without using the deploy directory? Inside of the jboss-service.xml, there is a attribute where users get to specify their own exploded directory. By default, it has /deploy directory. (my setting is default)

      so now i don't frankly want to deploy the /deploy directory, so when I remove the /deploy line from the jboss-service.xml, i think the web container(tomcat) doesn't get started now once i remove the /deploy line from the xml file.

      hope someone can give me some advises on this. I'm a newbie with Jboss AS... it sounds like I need to have a strip down version of my own deploy directory which includes jboss-web.deployer....