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    Port already in use: 1098 - Change "ReservedPorts" in Regist

    Peter Steiner Newbie

      When I start JBoss v4.2.3 on my computer I get always an startup error

      java.rmi.server.ExportException: Port already in use: 1098

      netstat -ano

      shows no other process which is blocking this port.
      So I decided to reserve ephemeral ports like described e.g. here:


      with a *.reg file like:


      However this did not help.


      The only way was to change the RmiPort in jboss-service.xml from 1098 to 1198

      Why did the Registry patch not help?
      Do I have to re-boot for getting the Registry patch be active?

      Are there any problems when changing the jboss-service.xml RmiPort?