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    share an EJB3 layer between 2 ear files(advanced question)

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      I already have two posts on seam on this but I thought it might be a JBoss question now that I think about it more. Here is the previous two posts..



      Basically, I can't seem to deploy an entities.jar in the deployment directory and have two ear files use it. I have been reading up on classloader config with loader-repository and such but it seams that each ear file loads the EJB into it's own classloader. I really want them to both just have entities.jar in a parent classloader so then the apps are separate, but they share entities.jar. After all, I can do this EASILY in OSGi, and isn't JBoss now based on OSGi so I would think in the future I could do it, but the question is, is it doable today?

      I want the two apps sharing entites.jar AND the cache that goes with it so the apps can be more performant together as the users switch between apps.

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          There's a long discussion going on in those two threads :-) So am trying to understand what you are looking for. Do you really want to place the entities.jar in the deploy folder and then have 2 ears share this? I haven't tried this. From what i read in those threads, you resorted to this option after you had issues including the entities jar in the EAR. I have (sample) applications which include the entities jar in the EAR and that works. So could you please post the entire exception stacktrace here and also the packaging of your application (I know you already have done this in the other threads, but it would be great for everyone reading this thread here to have all the information in one place).