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    Quartz in enterprise application

    superDev superDev Newbie

      I have an EAR app with an EJB module and a web module, job MyAppQuartzJob and trigger classes are defined in ear/lib dir, EJB and web modules put ear/lib into their class path.
      Quartz is started up in servlet container as listener configured in web.xml


      EJB bean (message driven bean), gets the Quartz scheduler and schedul the MyAppQuartzJob job with:

      Scheduler sched = SchedulerRepository.getInstance().lookup("myAppQuartzSchedulerName");
      job = new JobDetail(jobName, null, MyAppQuartzJob.class);
      sched.addJob(job, true);

      I run the application several times and it worked. My question is can I run into some problems? For example, quartz user thread problem? I'm not sure whether jobs are run in EJB context or web servelet context.

      Tanks a lot in advance!