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    Running Jboss As Windows Service

    raghav telgar Newbie


      I need to run the jboss server as a windows service. To achieve that i used Native JBoss. I am able to run it as a windows service using that but i can access jboss only on localhost. I need to run jboss on a specific ipadress. It can be done by few changes in the service.bat file.

      This is the snippet of service.bat file:

      REM Executed on service start
      call run.bat >run.log
      goto cmdEnd

      ipaddress has to be added in the service.bat file in the above code in the line: call run.bat >run.log

      Similarly should i have to add the ipaddress even during shutdown in the code:

      REM Executed on service stop
      call shutdown -S >shutdown.log
      goto cmdEnd

      I dont exactly remember how to add that ip address.

      waiting for reply from someone.....!

      Thanks in advance...