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    jboss 5 versus 4.x

    mandeep sethi Newbie

      I had started looking at JBoss 4.2.2GA a few months back. The basic scneario is:
      a. I deploy multiple applications in multiple instances of JBoss running on the same machine.
      b. Use JBoss security model for authenticating users and have a custom class which extends the JBoss databaseLoginModule class to do the authentication mentioned above.

      Since JBoss 5 is a shift (from the current architecture) I was wondering what impact this would have(if any) on the list above? Do things need to be done differently , esp. for the security model in JBoss 5 or will I be able to continue using my custom Jar which extends the databaseLoginModule class of Jboss?

      Any insight into this would be appreciated. Thanks.