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    Configure message-driven bean with external file

    Hristo Iliev Newbie

      I have a message-driven bean which is described with all its configuration properties such as host, port, username, etc. in the ejb-jar.xml file. It is used wmq.jmsra.rar as JCA to connect to IBM WebSphere MQ. The problem is that when the project is build the ejb-jar.xml go in the ejb.jar, which means that it's hard to be reconfigured. Is there a way to configure the properties outside the ejb-jar?
      Tried workaround: The only possible workaround which come to my mind, was to create an XSL Transformation which to add to the xml. At first glance when JBoss deploy the ejb to the server it should read the ejb-jar.xml, see that there is defined a <?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="XSLT.xsl"?> tag, execute the transformation by loading the properties from external file and load the transformed ejb-jar.xml. But this doesn't work.
      If there is no way to configure the properties outside the ejb-jar.xml, is there a way to force JBoss to execute the XSLT and load the transformed xml as configuration?
      Thank you in advance.