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    rich:inputNumberSpinner ignores tabindex


      I have a page with a mix of inputNumberSpinners and regular inputText fields. If I apply a tabindex to the inputNumberSpinners it is completely ignored. I can't even see the tabindex when I check out the generated HTML with Firebug.


      <rich:inputNumberSpinner tabindex="0" id="first" value="#{numberSpinnerTest.first}" minValue="0" maxValue="99999"/>
      <h:inputText tabindex="1" id="text1" value="#{numberSpinnerTest.text1}"/>
      <rich:inputNumberSpinner tabindex="2" id="second" value="#{numberSpinnerTest.second}" minValue="0" maxValue="99999"/>
      <h:inputText tabindex="3" id="text2" value="#{numberSpinnerTest.text2}"/>
      <rich:inputNumberSpinner tabindex="4" id="third" value="#{numberSpinnerTest.third}" minValue="0" maxValue="99999"/>
      <h:inputText tabindex="5" id="text3" value="#{numberSpinnerTest.text3}"/>
      <rich:inputNumberSpinner tabindex="6" id="fourth" value="#{numberSpinnerTest.fourth}" minValue="0" maxValue="99999"/>
      <rich:inputNumberSpinner tabindex="7" id="fifth" value="#{numberSpinnerTest.fifth}" minValue="0" maxValue="99999"/>

      The docs say that it is supported. I've checked this with FF2.0.0.3 and Safari 2.0.4.

      Also it would be useful if the spinner buttons had a tabindex of -1 so that they weren't tab-able.