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    loading config files from different class loaders

    Yair Ogen Expert


      I am using Spring to load my configuration files. I am loading multiple config files from different jars that are located in the lib forlder under my EAR.

      The configis loaded from an MBean which I wrote to load all the definitions prior to the instantiation of my EJB's.

      Although this concept worked well before I worked with JEE and all my config located in jars were loaded - under JBoss I currently have to copy the variables in to the "conf" folder under the jboss home folder.

      This is of course very problematic.

      I think the problems is because the MBean is loaded in a different class loader, hence not finding the config files in the jars under the EAR (because the jars are loaded in a different class loader).).

      What can be done to solve this problem?