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    Is JBoss Bundled with J2EE SDK, and Where are the J2EE SDK f

    Ngonidzashe Munyikwa Newbie

      I know this might sound silly, but i have been using JBoss for the last 1 and a Half years , but can't figure out where JBoss J2EE SDK files are.

      Glass Fish clearly states "Sun bundles a GlassFish(Sun Java Application Server) distribution with the Java EE 5 SDK. ". And it makes sense coz during the J2EE SDK installation, you will be taken to install GlassFish.

      BUT, when installing JBoss you don't go over a step of installing J2EE SDK, Obviously, it HAS J2EE SDK installed somewhere for it to run EJB's

      Can someone shed light please, coz such basic stuff cozes confusion

      Thanks in advance