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    Problems with JBOSS 4.0.5GA

    Jorge Luis Prieto Silva Newbie

      Good day everyone, I have a problem in 4.05GA APPSERVER Jboss, what use to make the deployment of a componenente Oracle,
      Only thing was that you configure and set the run.bat

      Locate the following piece of code:

      September JAVA_OPTS =%% JAVA_OPTS Xms128m-by-Xmx512m
      September JAVA_OPTS =%% JAVA_OPTS-Xms512m-Xmx1024m

      What is it that every time you start the run.bat the Pc becomes slow and unable to perform any operation
      Characteristics of Pc:
      S.O.: Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition SP1
      RAM: 2GB

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          Peter Johnson Master

          A PC with 2GB of RAM should not have any issues with running a JBossAS set with a 1GB heap (which is what I think you meant by the JAVA_OPTS lines you posted, but I am not sure, those lines do not look like anything in run.bat).

          I have a PC with an old Pentium 4 processor and only 1GB memory running Windows 2003 with JBossAS + Portal. That PC is also running IIS, Apache HTTPD and MySQL, and I have not noticed any significant performance issues (web response is fairly quick).

          Do you also have oracle running on that system? Oracle takes up a lot of system resources. If it is using all of the memory, then you are probably experiencing a lot of thrashing as both Oracle and the JVM fight for memory.

          Have you used PerfMon to monitor the system to determine where the bottleneck might be?