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    Jboss and Eclipse

    Ashish Soni Newbie

      Hi All ,

      I am facing a strange problem while starting the jboss with in eclipse below are the details -

      i have a web application which is a eclipse Dynamic Web project and when i create the war and deploy this in Jboss it work perfectly i.e when i start the jboss using command prompt , now if i start the jboss from with in the eclipse the server starts properly but when i access the web site i will get a ClassNotFoundException but the jars files are present in WEB-INF/lib.

      I am not sure why there is difference when starting the jboss with the eclipse and stating it using command prompt , Please help...


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          Wolfgang Knauf Master

          Hi Ashish,

          please provide more details about your project architecture. Did you place the libraries in WEB-INF\lib? Does Eclipse see them (in Project Explorer)? If not: call "Refresh" in the Project Explorer context menu.

          There should be no difference beetween starting from eclipse and starting by console.
          If you start it from eclipse: did you check that the deployed WAR file contains your JARs?

          Best regards