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    Configuring BasicThreadPool

    Prabhu Natarajan Newbie


      We are using Jboss 4.2.3 with Jboss MQ.

      When ever there are more messages to process, our server goes to a hung state and not responding. The server status shows that it is running but it is not responding to any aplication calls. Even the Jmx console is not opening.

      I am thinking if we increase the MaximumPoolSize/MaximumQueueSize attributes in the jbossmq-service.xml file we may get a better performance.

      The following is the configuration we have,

      <!-- A Thread pool service -->

      JBossMQ Server Threads
      <!-- The max number of threads in the pool -->
      <!-- The max number of tasks before the queue is full -->

      My questions are,

      How much I can increase the MaximumPoolSize/MaximumQueueSize values?

      Is there any limit?