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    Quartz Service doesn't bind to JNDI

    Ralf Heydenreich Newbie

      Hi all,
      I can't get Quartz to work. At first, I've created a quartzservice.sar as described in http://www.kouiskas.com/?page_id=19. The Service starts and is bound to JNDI. But if I create a CronTrigger and it's time to start this trigger, it complaints about ClassNotFoundException. I think, the service runs in a different JVM than my EAR.

      If I unpack the quartz-service into my EAR, I get a NullPointerException while my service class is looking up the quartz service.

      Here is my application.xml (fragments)


      And here is the service that uses quartz:
      @Service (objectName = "jboss:custom=MyOwnService", name = "MyOwnService")
      public class MyOwnService implements MyOwnManagement {
       private Scheduler sched;

      How can I get quartz to work so that it can find my service?