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    rich:datascroller after page1, not working

      So I have a rich:datatable with a datascroller after it. I have this on three different pages.

      On two of them, the list has more than the datatable's row attribute. So there is more than one page. When I click to go to page 2, or just the next page, none of the data for that next page is showing up in the table.

      On the third, I am adding rows as I click links above the table. As the rows get added, when I reach the number of rows to make a second page, I get the second page, and the Page 2 link in the scroller is black, but the "next page" link is showing up as disabled. You cannot click on it to get to the next page, when there is one.

      In all three cases the code is the same, different columns, but that doesn't make a difference in these cases, they are simple columns.

      Also, as a side note, are there other looks for the datascroller, besides skinning?