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    JBoss Web install - Download what?

    Tony Su Newbie

      Am following the instructions at

      In particular the relevant paragraph

      Downloading JBoss Web
      JBoss Web is distributed as a standalone webserver. The distribution can be downloaded directly from the JBossWeb downloads page. JBoss Web is not pure Java. It contains native code, compiled and optimized for each operating operating system. Download the package appropriate for your platform, paying particular attention to whether or not you are running on the 64-bit system.

      Uncompress the distribution wherever you would like JBoss Web installed.

      Then download the native part from the JBossNative downloads page. And uncompress it in the JBossWeb direction (named like jboss-web-2.1.0.GA/). The files will be installed in the bin subdirectory.

      The first link "JBoss Downloads page" only lists three further types of downloads - "Jboss Web Native Connectors" - "Old JBoss Web Native Connectors" and "PHP for the php servlet"

      I assume that logically "JBoss Web Native Connectors" is the only possible type desired, so I click on that and download the Linux x86 Native connector package.

      Then in the orginal instructions there is a link to "JBossNative downloads page" and sure enough it points to the same files I just downloaded.

      The only files in the extracted package are license documentation and library files... hardly the entire set of files needed.

      What's up?
      Bad links?

      Or, am I missing something?