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    Newbie FAQ type question - Where is Admin documentation?

    Tony Su Newbie

      Installed the JBoss AS/Web Portal package.

      I may be looking in the wrong places but can't find documentation on a number of typical Admin type tasks, I've only found a few bits of info scattered in the /doc of the installation, in wiki.jboss.org. Since these are basic questions others almost certainly have addressed I feel I'm missing some major resource or documentation.

      Unanswered questions I have include

      Some questions might be answerable if there was a clear description of the architecture of JBoss AS, eg if it is a composite Apache/Tomcat but I can't determine if that is true. Is JBoss architecture documented (it's not in the downloaded JBoss AS docs I downloaded)?

      How do you modify the default installed instance to not be bound to Localhost/ There is a description how to modify the port but not the hostname/weblistener/ipaddress or whatever is supported.

      I suppose that wherever the info is about modifying the Parent instance(s) that is also where SSL can be configured?

      Does JBoss AS support multiple "parent" instances? The Admin portal only supports creating child portals...