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    Log4j mismatch ?

    Kevin Joseph Newbie

      I have JBoss setup with the default log4j.xml. My problem is that all application related messages that are printed in the server.log are displayed at INFO level.

      The application that is deployed has its own log4j file with its own pattern layout. Could this be causing it or is the issue someplace else ?

      The output of the log files looks something like this

      date:time INFO [thread name] classname (filename :line number) - [entire application message - most of which is a repeat of the ealier pattern]

      Do let me now.


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          Peter Johnson Master

          Yes, having your own copy of lg4j.xml can cause this. Most likely, your log messages are going to stdout, which is intercepted by log4j within JBoss, with the end resulting being what you see.

          The typical way of logging in JBoss AS is to not have any logging-related info in your app (no log4j.properties or xml, no logging JAR files), and to instead define your logging in the server/xxx/conf/jboss-log4j.xml file.