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    JBoss AS 5 web/tomcat profile

    Dirk Daems Novice


      I am trying to configure my own custom web/tomcat profile starting from the minimal profile that is part of the JBoss 5.0.0 distribution.
      I added the jbossweb.sar folder from the default configuration to the deploy folder of my custom profile. I did the same thing for the jbossweb.deployer folder from the deployers folder.
      After adding some dependent JARs (jboss.jar, jboss-metadata.jar, jbosssx-server.jar, jboss-security-spi.jar, jboss-javaee.jar, jbosssx.jar and jboss-bindingservice.jar) to the lib folder I keep getting ClassNotFoundErrors for EJB3/JPA related classes like org.jboss.jpa.resolvers.PersistenceUnitDependencyResolver. I can't imagine it is normal that EJB3/JPA classes need to be added to the library list to make this work!

      Does anyone have experience creating such a profile? Is there a better way than 'trial and error' to find out what the dependencies of a service are?

      Thanks in advance.

      Kind regards,
      Dirk Daems