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    Installation of JBoss on Windows 2008, 64

    Ranjan Benz Newbie

      Windows 2008 (64bit) is not one of the certified configuration to install JBoss 4.2.x on. I wonder if this combination is safe to be used in productive environment.
      Has anybody made any experience yet with this?

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          Peter Johnson Master

          As long as you have a certified JVM you should have no problem. I have been running JBoss AS 5 for the past several months on a 64-bit Vista system running both 32-bit and 64-bit JVM without issue. I have also run on 32-bit Windows 2008 without issue.

          But make sure you use the latest JVM - when Vista came out the current versions of the JVM at that time were not very well behaved. But you should have no issues with 6u7, 6u11 or 1.5.0_16.