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    can't get out on port 80 with JBoss5

    Joe Talafous Newbie

      I am migrating a Tomcat 6.0 server on port 80 to become JBoss 5.0.0.GA. I have successfully compiled JBoss with Java 6 and configured JBoss to run on port 80 with this URL: http://localhost:80 successfully.

      However, when I use the ip address given by ifconfig (Ubuntu) on my host such as:, JBoss does not respond.

      When I take down JBoss and bring back up my original Tomcat 6.0, then http://192.168.101:80 invokes my Tomcat successfully.

      And the JBoss will not answer from another host request.

      Any ideas? How can JBoss respond with, but not its host's IP address? Do you think I should download the binary precompiled JBoss 5?