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    Switch EJB off in development for faster redeploy?

    Alexander Bunkenburg Newbie


      We are using EJBs, only Stateless Session Beans that are identified as such be annotation @javax.ejb.Stateless. It is an exploded .jar without ejb-jar.xml file.

      In development, every change to the classes provokes a redeploy of the EJBs.

      My question is, can I switch off EJB?

      All client code accesses EJBs via a factory class, so there could be an alternative factory that just returns an instance of the EJB class, The functionality would be the same, of course without the EJB features like transactions and security. But sometimes during development that is acceptable for fast redeploy.

      I understand that in JBoss there are configurable deployers that recognize and deploy the various files that you put into deploy/. It seems what I want to do is something like remove or switch off the EJB deployer. Then the .jar will be deployed as a plain JAR which will hopefully be faster.

      Has anyone done that?
      How can I do it?