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    Alternative to putting large media files in EAR

    Brad Douglas Newbie


      We're been building multimedia tutorials & references for our product at the moment, and they're starting to get big - bigger than the actual application in the EAR. They won't change to much, so if possible I want to move them out of the EAR and not lug them around when we change the app.

      The caveat is that we need them to be secured, so at the moment we call rely on our security interceptors and the container security etc.

      Is there a was we can have them as static content served up by JBoss, yet still provide security so they are only ccessable within the app?


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          Peter Johnson Master

          I can think of only two possibilities:

          1) Extract the multimedia files into a separate WAR file, moving the security settings with the.

          2) Front the app server with Apache HTTPD, and let it handle those files, including securing them.

          The bad thing is that in both case the URLs (specifically the context) for the multimedia files will change, and that could require changes in your application.