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    Backup of JBOSS required

    randhir singh Newbie

      I had a doubt that should the backup of JBOSS be taken as we are going to swap our server to a new one with better congifuration. I will explain the environment of our system a little

      1) Application server- JBOSS
      2) Web server- Apache & tomcat
      3) Application details- Java(1.4.2)

      Actually, I had taken the backup of JBOSS around a week back in preparation of the swap for migration. But, one change is going to happen in our application in the form of a hotfix tomorrow and our migration is scheduled for day after. So, should a backup of JBOSS be taken after our application hotfix is applied. Also, should a back of java($JAVA_HOME) and ant($ANT_HOME) be taken, we use j2sdk1.4.x for java and apache-ant-1.6.1 for ant.

      I hope, my question is clear.

      Please, help in solving the doubt.