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    JBoss and OpenSSO

    Mike Sacauskis Newbie

      Does anyone here have any experience with JBoss 4.2 and opensso? I'm trying to get my webservices to authenticate through opensso. I'm running into an issues where I get an infinite loop after authenticating with openSSO. There are suggested fixes at the opensso sites but they have not worked for me. I'm starting to suspect it is the way my service is deployed specifically the web.xml.

      I'm looking for an example web.xml for a service to see how others have set up the filters for openSSO, specifically redirection to a authenticating server.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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          Jonathan Muniz Newbie

          You can contact the mailing list, it is easier for you to get a response.
          https: / / opensso.dev.java.net / servlets / ProjectMailingListList

          For your question I think the steps that you used to not using WebServices, but for Web applications that will use the browser to do single sign-on.
          This infinite redirect error can be corrected using Agent 3.0 for JBoss, but as I said these steps are for web applications, but for webservices.
          I also am looking for a way to make the security of web services with opensso! If you have any tips or know of something would be good.