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    Custom error page - rich faces toolbar not rendered


      Hello all.

      I have added a custom error page to my jsf (myfaces 1.1.5) application running with a4j snapshot 1.1.1 and the latest richfaces release candidate (3.0.1). The error handling is set up in the web.xml file:


      When an error is caused as a result of selecting, say, an a4j command button, the error page is displayed without an issue. If however the error is caused as a result of choosing a faces h:commandButton, the error page displayed does not render the rich:toolbar correctly. The various links are displayed, but not formatted correctly, as though the CSS is not being served for that particular page.

      Can anybody help with this please?

      Thanks, Carl

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          klowtherjr Newbie

          I am running into this exact same issue (except it is a toolbar and a panel). Everything renders fine except for the RichFaces components. I am using the following in my web.xml:


          I know the suspect Rich Faces code in use works on other pages as I've used it in them via a jsp:include. My suspicion is that something in my web.xml is not set up (mapped) to handle the redirect the server does with the error-page. I'm not using anything special there as I'm using the default RichFaces config and default MyFaces config for the servlets and mappings. I know MyFaces is picking it up because those tags are being rendered correctly. It's only the RichFaces components that aren't rendering. Any help would be appreciated.