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    Java2ParentDelegation and multiple files

    Ronnie Johns Newbie

      I've taken over a project that has the following deployment:


      xbean.jar is also in the jboss server's server/default/lib directory.
      I have read the two docs that show me what I need to do to make the application use MY xbean.jar (newer version):

      So I know that I need to turn off java2ParentDelegation.

      I've tried everyway I can think to make this work, but still have a few questions.

      1. I notice the examples show com.example:archive=unique-archive-name, but then refer to com.example:loader=unique-archive-name. I'm not exactly sure why, or which is correct.
      2. in my example I originally thought I only needed a meta-inf/jboss-app.xml in the ear file, but I've tried it with putting a web-inf/jboss-web.xml in the war file and the wsr (I wasn't exactly sure what should go in the wsr). Should the .wsr have anything in it?

      Nothing seems to work quite right (they definitely stop using the classes from the server, but appear to not find my classes either).

      Here's my jboss-app.xml file:


      Unfortunately I don't have much control over the server. I know I've done something wrong (I'm pretty new to deployments in general) but I can't quite put my finger on it.
      Any help would be greatly appreciated.