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    Changing default styling of modalPanel

    Chetan Kadam Newbie

      Hi All,

      I am trying to default look n' feel of modal panel control. Instead of updating skin parameters, I am trying to accomplish this by providing CSS style for modal panel classes:

      1. I updated my stylesheet to provide styling details for following classes :
      rich-mpnl-pnl-text, rich-mpnl-pnl-h, rich-mpnl-pnl-b

      But since, A4J sylesheet is appended at the end of head tag, it always takes precedence. (i.e. dr-mpnl-pnl-h, dr-mpnl-pnl-b etc style classes are applied to modal panel and not the one specified by me.)

      2. I tried to get around this problem, by using "!important" on my styles. It works on FF but not on IE.

      Am I doing something wrong ? Isn't specifying rich-mpnl-pnl styling should solve the problem ?

      Thanks in advance.