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    Setting up a virtual host on 5.0.1

    Jeff Chastain Newbie

      I am trying to define a simple virtual host under JBoss 5.0.1. With the 4.2.3 version, I had the following host definition in the server.xml file.

      <Host name="my-host.com" appBase="www" autoDeploy="true" >
       <Context path="/" docBase="c:/inetpub/www/" />

      Now, when I try to start up the 5.0.1 server using this host definition, I get the error "Context not found as a child of Host". In searching, it looks like this was an issue with the 5.0.0 release, but I saw hints that this was fixed in 5.0.1. It does not appear to be however.

      Can somebody help me out with the "correct" way to define a virtual host under JBoss where I have no WAR file and simply want to have a few JSP files?