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    Jboss talking to ActiveMQ

    David Taylor Newbie

      We had a TomCat server listening to ActiveMQ messages by putting various RESOURCE tags in the tomcat/conf/context.xml file. For example:

       <Resource name="jms/flex/TopicConnectionFactory"
       description="JMS Connection Factory"

      However Jboss doesn't seem to allow this. If I create a context.xml file in the jboss/server/default/conf folder (the closest approximation of TomCat's "/server/conf" folder) and run my App that used to work fine on TomCat, it complains (it happens to be a Flex client) that the destination doesn't exist.

      If I try adding the "resource" tags to either the web.xml or the jboss-web.xml file it complains that "Resource is not found as a child of jboss-web", or some variation.

      I'm sure the application logic is fine, as it works just dandy in TomCat. We just can't seem to port it to JBoss. Where do those "resource" tags get defined in the JBoss world?