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    Jboss only binding to local port

    Machiel Richards Newbie

      Hi All

      I do not want to provide too much info, however to say the least I am a newbie on JBOSS (as in have not worked with jboss previously at all).

      A task came to me after a lot of issues to setup jboss and jbossWS for the company as the java developers have decided to use this instead of glassfish which we are currently running.

      I have managed to get jboss running on Redhat 4.7 (ES, 64bit) and after a lot of issues and struggling I also managed to get the WS installed (what a mission).

      I now need to get the following resolved:

      1. How do you stop and start the jboss without simply killing the process.

      2. How do you deploy jar and war files on jboss

      3. Currently I can only access (test) jboss on the local machine using the browser and going to http://localhost:8080 etc.... How do I configure Jboss and WS so that I can access it via a browser from another machine (desktop or laptop for instance) via the web browsers?

      thank you in advance for assistance.