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    JBoss + Apache

    endy Newbie

      I have a dozen sites running on my old server, some purely Java sites and some PHP ones, all running on good 'ol Orion. I'm migrating to a new server, and switching to JBoss.

      I've been contemplating on how to set up everything. I've been thinking of running both Apache for the PHP sites, and JBoss for my Java sites, in parallel and configure/bind them to listen to the specific IPs without being aware of each other. Ie, Apache would listen to the IPs for the PHP sites and handle those, while JBoss would listen the IPs for the Java sites. Both would have virtual host configs since there are multiple sites. I figured this approach would be a lot easier than using Apache as front end and JBoss as back end or vice versa.

      The question is, is this a feasible approach ?

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          Peter Johnson Master

          Yes, it is. I have Apache HTTPD and JBoss AS running on our departmental server, each listening to different ports and each performing different duties. And Apache HTTPD is not front-ending JBoss AS.

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            Dickson Lui Newbie

            Hi Endy,

            I am doing the job as same as you (migrating to a new server). Still study at how to use JBoss AS 5.0.

            As our existing site is a single site for different applications, Apache is the front end and application server and java site are the back end. The Apache works as the single entry point for all applications.

            I am still thinking how to connect Apache to JBoss. (use Mod_Proxy or Mod_jk). For JBoss, single server for a single web application (easy to manage). If one JBoss server for multiple web application, it is risk wheneven JBoss server hang for any reason (deploy new application or others); it will affect all web applications under that JBoss server.

            What do you think? Peter and Endy.

            Thanks for your any suggestion in advance.

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              Peter Johnson Master

              dickson1888, your suggested configuration is very common.

              By the way, if one app hangs (or crashes) on the app server, it will not affect other application. Actually, it probably will not even affect that one application, only that thread for that application. App servers are built to be resilient and tolerant of most app problems. Of course there are exceptions such as memory leaks that affect all apps. In addtion, if you have to reboot the app server to fix an issue with an app, then you will affect all apps.

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                Dickson Lui Newbie

                Hi Peter,

                Thanks again.

                Which connection method (Mod_Proxy or Mod_jk) for apache is better in my configuration?