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    Multiple Service elements in the same Sever

    Martin Apesteguia Newbie

      As the Tomcat official docs says on


      i'm trying to configure in the server.xml, multiple Service elements, with its Engine, Connector and Host.

      I'm doing that because i want to allow access only to certain URLs (Host element) using a particular port (Connector element). In that way, some URL are going to be accessible only through SSL.

      The problem is that, when i use the "default " configuration, the different Virtual Hosts work fine, but when i change the server.xml to have two "Services" i got "WARN [TomcatDeployer] Failed to map vhost: vhost1" and the application is not deployed on that virtual host.

      The server.xml file should look like:

      <Service name "service1">

      <Engine name "service1">
      <Host name "vhost1">

      <Service name "service2">

      <Engine name "service2">
      <Host name "vhost2">

      Any ideas?