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    JBoss - Can we specify custom HostnameVerifier implementatio

    Manoj S Newbie


      I am using JBoss 3.2.7 version. My application is deployed in JBoss, and which can be accessed with multiple host names by different categories of users. When I am trying to enable the SSL configuration for my application with a self signed certificate, it is failing with an exception "java.io.IOException: HTTPS hostname wrong: should be <...>". Hence I tried to avoid the host name verfification by JBoss using the runtime parameter "org.jboss.security.ignoreHttpsHost" set to "true". But it seems, the configuration is not at all considered by JBoss. Then I tried to provide a custom implementation for HostnameVerifier. But I don't know how to tell JBoss to use my HostnameVerifier implementation.

      Can anyone help me to configure JBoss to take my HostnameVerifier implementation for certificate checking? Any alternative solution to this problem is also acceptable.

      Thanks in advance, for any solutions, hints, suggestions etc...