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    Jboss service stops when users logs off.

    John Kanyuira Newbie

      I have jboss setup on windows 2003 server and service stops every time a user logs off. User logged in through remote desktops dont have a the problem. Only users logged in on the console either infrom on the machine or throught pcanywhere / gotomy pc. Jboss is installed as a windows service. Help

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          Peter Johnson Master

          I have JBoss AS running as a service on a Windows Server 2003 box and have not run into this.

          What mechanism are you using to run JBoss AS as a service? If you are not using JBoss Native, then Please provide a URL because most such products have similar names.

          Also, please post the registry contents for the service. You can do this by exporting the service using regedit and posting the resulting *.reg file.