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    Broken Jboss Installation, cannot reinstall. How to fully un

    Glenn Davidson Novice

      I have been having a series of problems with JBDS. I willl not go into them as they are not the issue. At one point in this journey I decided to uninstall JBoss Developer Studio and reinstall. I used the uninstall jar file and it did not give any error messages. When I reinstalled JBDS the install wizard stopped on the "9 of10" the Shortcuts screen. When the install wizard got to that page it just displayed the heading "9 of 10" and a empty box. I pressed the next button and nothing happened. The only way to get out os to hit the quit button. no shortcuts were created. Now when I try to run my JSF Facelts app none of the managed resources are found. Not the resource bundle or any of the managed beans.

      My question, how can I remove the JBDS instance so that I can do a complete reinstall?