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    After JBOSS Build, the server doesn't listen on port 8080

    Lee Boyajian Newbie

      1. JBOSS 5.0GA Source downloaded to Linux RHEL5.3 Dell Server.
      2. Built with included JBOSS Ant with Java SDK 6_0_12.
      3. Had to increase Xms, Xmx, and PermSize to build without errors.
      4. When I start the server, it never listens on 8080 as the docs say.
      5. From netstat -a, I do not see it listening on any port, yet I know it is running.

      Any ideas?
      Any files I have to tweak to do this?
      Does it build with Java 6? I've been told maybe not.

      Any help is appreciated very much.....