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    Virtual directory or another solution for my problem

    Tomasz Kramarczyk Newbie


      I'll describe my problem:

      I have few web applications:

      and now I have jsp pages inside those wars. I'm using apache-tiles, so in fact these jpss are templates and tiles, so they are the same in every application and I wan't to put them in one-global directory.

      Assume that I have following files in jsp directory:

      and I want to have them accessible in that way:


      I can't use virtual-static directories defined in server.xml because I need the same context as applications' context:

      <Context path="/app1" appBase="" docBase="/mnt/jsp" reloadable="true"/>
      <Context path="/app2" appBase="" docBase="/mnt/jsp" reloadable="true"/>
      <Context path="/app3" appBase="" docBase="/mnt/jsp" reloadable="true"/>

      so of course it doesn't work.

      In weblogic application server it is possible by defining virtual directories in weblogic.xml (which is placed in every application) and it works correctly.


      How can I solve this problem? Mayby there are another technics and solutions instead of virtual directories. What terms should I use searching solution in google or documentation.