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    Hot deployment of jar which isn't an EJB

    Mike Miller Newbie

      I am encountering a problem trying to get a new copy of jar deployed.

      Background: we have an administrative server that updates some encryption information, puts the data in a jar and delivers the jar thru JMS to our other servers. The recipient server receives the JMS msg and writes the file with a temporary name to our exploded ear folder. The problem occurs with our next step: we attempt to delete the existing jar and then rename the temporary named jar to the correct name. Both the delete and the rename fail - presumably because JBoss has those files loaded????

      I tried just copying the new jar to the deploy/ folder like the documentation say (we are using 4.0.5 and 4.2.3) but nothing happens. The jar does not contain an EJB, just a flat file containing encryption keys. I am guessing that JBoss'd deployment scanner may see the file but doesn't really know where to deploy the jar to? We originally deploy the jar to the top level of our exploded ear folder structure but it is not references in the application.xml or anywhere.

      This all works in Weblogic, maybe because we use the Staged approach.

      Am I doing something wrong or is there a better approach to get a jar deployed to the correct folder???