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    JBOSS EAP Install

    Lee Boyajian Newbie

      I downloaded what I thought was the correct JBOSS 4.x EAP Platform for a Redhat linux machine.

      After unzipping the distribution and reading the README File, I did two builds against a Java 1.5 SDK (In the build directory and in the testsuite directory).

      Everything built successful.

      I could only find 2 run.sh's in the directory structure. These scripts assume that there is a 'bin' directory underneath the JBOSS_HOME directory - but there isn't.......Not from Unzipping the distribution or from the Build process.

      Anyone know what I'm missing?


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          Peter Johnson Master

          What is the exact name of the EAP file you downloaded? It should have been something like this: jboss-eap-4.3.0.GA-1.ep1.8.zip (wow, mine's a year old, I'll should download another)

          This is a binary download, no need to compile anything.

          If you downloaded and built the source, then JBOSS_HOME is at downloaded-src-dir/jboss-as/build/output/jboss-xxx, (where xxx is the evrsion number), and the bin directory under there contains run.sh.

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            Lee Boyajian Newbie

            I'm not at work right now, but it's very close to the zip you list (except that it is a SRC distribution).

            Here's the problem - After I build in the BUILD and TESTSUITE directories, the directory structure is as you say with the run.sh where you say. The contents of the run.sh contains references to other files in:

            "downloaded-src-dir/jboss-as/bin" Which Does NOT Exist.

            Also "downloaded-src-dir/jboss-as/" is one half of the source distribution while: "downloaded-src-dir/seam" is the other half.

            What is and how do I build Seam?

            Thanks for your help in advance......

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              Peter Johnson Master

              Why are you trying to build them when a binary is available?

              I built mine and looked at run.bat and there at no references to downloaded-src-dir/jboss-as/bin. You did not, by any chance, set JBOSS_HOME to downloaded-src-dir/jboss-as, did you? You should either not set JBOSS_HOME (best practice) because run.bat will set it for you, or set it to downloaded-src-dir/jboss-as/build/output/jboss-4.3.0.

              Seam is an application framework, see http://www.seamframework.org. Unless you are using Seamn in your application development, you do not need it. But is you want to compile it, edit the downloaded-src-dir/seam/build.properties file to reference jboss_home (downloaded-src-dir/jboss-as/build/output/jboss-4.3.0), and run ant from the downloaded-src-dir/seam directory.