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    JSTL c:if tag (via facelets) doesn't work correct in rich:da

    Markus Kühle Newbie


      i need to use c:if within a rich:dataTable component. I work with facelets so normally allows it to use c:if. But within a rich:dataTabel and rich:dataGrid it doesn't work.

      <rich:dataTable id="myList" rows="10" var="item" value="#{MyBB.resultList}">
       <c:if test="#{empty item.url}">no url</c:if>

      In this example code above the string "no url" should be only printed out if no url is given. But it doesn't matter whether the url is null or not. The String will be created for every row.

      Outside these components c:if does work as expected.
      Is this behaviour normal or is it a bug?

      Thank's a lot!