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    request.getServerPort returning wrong value

    Ankit Garg Newbie

      Well I don't know if this is the correct forum for this question but this looks suitable to me.

      I have jBoss 4.0.4 with EJB3 patch running on port 28080 on a server (I can't tell the domain because of my company policies). In that I've deployed an EAR application. In the WAR module in that EAR, whenever I call request.getServerPort(), it returns 80 instead of 28080. This is creating a lot of problems as even response.sendRedirect redirects user to port 80 instead of 28080. And not just that EAR, I deployed a sample WAR and deployed it and even in it, request.getServerPort returns 80. Does anyone has some idea why this is happening. Maybe there is something wrong with my jBoss installation or configuration.