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    Bug with toggleControl & togglePanel for tab creation.

    Revital schreiber Newbie


      I'm trying to create a left tab menu by using the toggleControl & togglePanel components.

      The toggleControl define the tabs and the togglePanel define the tab's content,
      these two are connected by the toggleControl attribute: panelId which points to the togglePanel id.

      The problem is that when the toggleControl component is being created, the togglePanel does not exist. As a result of this, I get an exception complaining that the component with the specified panelId in the toggleControl component could not be found.

      (defining the togglePanel first, solve the exception problem, but placing the tabs and there content up-side-down.....)

      please advise....

      An example:

      <rich:toggleControl for="navigationPanel" value="Agents & Employees"
       switchToState="agentsEmployees" />
      <rich:toggleControl for="navigationPanel" value="Security"
       switchToState="security" />
      <rich:toggleControl for="navigationPanel" value="Attachments"
       switchToState="attachments" />
      <rich:togglePanel id="navigationPanel" value="agentsEmployees"
       switchType="ajax" stateOrder="agentsEmployees,security,attachments">
       <f:facet name="agentsEmployees">
       // some content
       <f:facet name="security">
       // some content
       <f:facet name="attachments">
       // some content