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    Modalpanel load with error since 3.0.1 Snapshot Facelets

    michael kutsch Newbie

      I use facelets and template which loads other pages in different parts. On button press of a special button one part should load a modal page.
      The modalpanel should automatically be loaded on page load

      <mp:modalPanel id="mpsondzahldynform" minHeight="700" minWidth="500" height="700" width="500" zindex="2000" moveable="false" resizeable="false">
      <h:form id="sondzahldynform">
      <script type="text/javascript">
      Richfaces.showModalPanel('mpsondzahldynform',{width:500, height:500})

      This code was ok for Richfaces 3.0 but since 3.0.1 Snapshot my IE6 stops the display with an error (no detailed error message). Firefox 2.0 has no problem.