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    how come the reRender doesn't work for this case?

    vivian hu Novice

      reRender works greate in most of my cases, but not in this one.
      I have a <rich:tree id="myTree"> inside my template file, I have another allDesktop.xhtml that defines the "body" part in the template

      in allDesktop.xhtml, I have a <rich:table id="myTable"> and a <a4j:commandButton .. reRender="myTable,myTree">

      What I see is that "myTable" is reRendered correctly, but not "myTree".


      <h:form id="treeForm">
      <rich:panel bodyClass="inpanelBody" id="myTree">
      <rich:tree ....>
      <rich:treeNode type="node">
      <h:outputText value="#{item.name}" />

      <ui:insert name="body">Body</ui:insert>