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    Can JBoss manage an application with 1500 Clients?

    Angie Angie Newbie

      Hello to all,

      I have an application and I want o use JBoss as server application. From my experience with Tomcat ... I had a problem with number o threads that are initiating requests to server. I'm new in JBoss but I want to know if there could be configurated JBoss, for Http Connector to accept more 1000 threads or if I set with 500 then when the pool is released so that each client to be served in time.


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          Peter Johnson Master

          JBoss AS uses an embedded copy of JBoss Web, which is based on Tomcat, to handle HTTP requests. Thus the request thread configuration options for JBoss AS as the same as for Tomcat and are configured in the server/xxx/deploy/jbossweb.sar/server.xml file.

          The issues you had with more than 1000 threads is probably not Tomcat-related. I suspect that either your OS or hardware was chocking with so many threads running. Or it could be a JVM heap issue. But without gathering performance data to analyze the problem, it is hard to say.