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    Jboss / Tomcat on RH Linux system design question

    Al Applet Newbie

      Hello all!
      I am sysadmin working with RHEL5 and getting a little bit into RH Jboss for potentially putting some Java apps on it. I am somewhat familiar with Tomcat and would like to ask (before berrying myself in manuals) what are possible configuration options with Jboss similar to our current Tomcat environment.

      We have an Apache with mod_jk configuration running multiple instances of Tomcat. Whenever new website needs to be deployed new port is specified, new tomcat instance created, new entries to workers files added, and all managed by Apache. With this configuration we have an instance of Tomcat running for each website hosted.

      My question is - in what ways does Jboss allow for similar design (I read about multiple instances of Jboss running on the server, setup is similar to Tomcat - but not much detail provided)?
      Does it make sense to run multiple Jboss Application Servers, and can the Jboss Application Server handle multiple websites?

      Thanks for any info. Hopefully I will save a lot of time if I eliminate bad design options from the start..