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    No ManagedConnections available within configured blocking t

    Muneeb baig Newbie

      We have been using application deployed over JBOSS since three years and it worked fine.
      Previously the application and database were deployed over the same machine with the following configurations:

      Windows 2003 Server
      SQL Server 2005 Enterprise
      JBOSS (jboss-4.0.1sp1)
      JVM (32-bit latest)

      Recently we upgraded our systems and deployed the application and database over two different machines as follows:

      App Server:
      Windows 2003 Server (64 bit)
      JBOSS (4.0.1sp1)
      JVM (64 bit latest)

      Database Server:
      Windows 2008 Server 64 bit
      SQL Server 2005 64 bit

      We just copied our deployed application from older server to the new server without recompiling it over 64 bit.

      Now we are facing the problem with hanging of JBOSS time to time and thus the application hangs. After going through the Application Log we found that the problem is with Connections. Following is one of the error that we receive frequently:

      No ManagedConnections available within configured blocking timeout --

      Please suggest if the issue is with incorrect version of JVM or with compilation or with the connection pooling?

      Following is the excrept from our ds file:

       <type-mapping>MS SQLSERVER2000</type-mapping>