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    DropDownMenu style question

    asaf sh Expert


      I tried to implement the DropDownMenu component inside a ToolBar component and have a styling problem, each DropDownMenu's label inside the ToolBar takes too much empty spaces on the right side of the label.

      so for example, with the sample code avialable here:

      The 'File' label looks like this:
      [|File | Links |]

      I tried to add 'style=padding: 0px' to each DropDownMenu component but it has no affect,

      Any clue? I'd like each label on the TopMenu to be very close to each other so I can have enough spaces for many options within one ToolBar.

      p.s - having 'outputLabels' inside the ToolBar looks good and does not have this problem, so I guess it is something relevant to the DropDownMenu component,

      As always - many thanks,