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    Is Quartz is supported by  Oracle 11g, Jboss EAP or JDK 1.6

    meghala devi Newbie

      I started my application which uses
      Oracle 11g, Jboss EAP and JDK 1.6

      -I have configured quartz.properties to point to proper database.
      -Placed quartz-all-1.6.5.jar into [jboss installation dir]/server/clipper/lib
      -Removed quartz.rar from [jboss installation dir]/server/clipper/deploy
      - Have placed proper driver for Oracle 11g i.e ojdbc6.jar into lib path.

      But the Quartz related schedulers are not coming up. There are no entries in QUARTZ related tables. Please provide your inputs.

      Do let me know if quartz is not supported by Oracle 11g, Jboss EAP or JDK 1.6